Monday, August 9, 2010

Silver Saddle

I had a dream the other night about a silver saddle. But this saddle had been stolen from me. In the dream my husband goes into this fenced area to get it back. While there the man sees him and calls the police. Now, I know there have been lots of things that have been stolen from me. I know that the enemy has come to rob steal and destroy, and most of all he comes to take, from all of us, our testimony and walk with Jesus. You see, what he is really after is not you and me, it's Jesus. Back to the dream...long story short the enemy in the dream cannot stop my husband from getting the saddle and I get away also. I believe the police in this dream represented witchcraft police. They came to keep us from something that belonged to us.

But what I want to talk about today is the saddle. It was a mystery to me why I would have a dream about a silver saddle. Even the blanket that goes under the saddle was silver. My husband grabbed it and put in on his shoulders and the saddle over his arm and began to run! Of course I did what we all do when a dream is staying in our mind and in our heart when we wake up, I called my "dream guru" friends and told them my dream. Got some good answers and got some good interpretation.

But yesterday morning I was talking to one of them and she told me that she thought the saddle had to do with positioning. That rang true to me and when I hung up the phone I was looking at my emails and another friend wrote to me that she had a revelation the night before about the saddle being about positioning. That is it!!! The enemy has taken from me a place or a positioning that belongs to me. And God is getting it back for me!

Now why silver? According to the "Prophets Dictionary" by Paula Price the meaning of silver is: A) Symbolic of wisdom. Not only in the soul but it also indicates a spiritual sphere. B) Wisdom, prosperity, and opportunity for fortune.

Remember when your looking at a dream you have to take it all into context and there is always a thread that runs through and it usually is confirming something that has been in your mind as questions or frustration. In dreams God bypasses your conscious mind and goes directly to that inner most part of you that can listen to anything without filtering it.

We have had some words from the Lord that this is breakthrough time in our lives and in my ministry! So what was God saying to me in this dream? Breakthrough is here, new opportunities and the things that were stolen are being restored! Exactly what I have been praying for!

God is faithful and I think this Word is for the Body of Christ, it is for me, and it is for you, if you want to take breakthrough today. I say, lets take it and take back what the enemy has stolen from us.

I just love dreams! Blessings, Beverly