Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do you dream?

I'm pretty terrible at this blog thingy! I thought my two friends would help me with this but so far they have done far less than my expectations of them! What UP? They just NEVER blog and you know my life seems to be busy sometimes that I just forget to put anything on here.

But....I love dreams! I love that God wants so much to speak to HIS children through dreams. I recently was listening to Katie Souza talk about dreams and she said that God will use dreams to show us places in our soul that need to be healed. You know so many of us have dreams about things in our past that don't seem like anything that we would want to do and there we are in the middle of our dream doing those things that are repulsive to us. Well, maybe next time ask the Lord where in your soul do you have a tie to that past thing or where does HE want to heal you.

I had a dream the other night about having a baby that I was in charge of on a huge jet plane. I was a passenger on the plane but the plane was loaded with people I was taking on a mission trip. The plane then turned into a huge bus and I realized that we had to detour through Houston prior to going over the ocean on our trip.

I think the Lord is taking me to the very "Source" know as in, "Houston we have a problem." The place that gives the orders or the next move. I am in charge but God is wanting me to go to Him right now because there are some things coming up that I will need to know so the plane can move on into the air without a hitch!

It's amazing how HE shares things with us in our sleep that we wouldn't be able to see in our waking hours.

Have you ever dreamed about being in a vehicle? These are important dreams because they tell of ministry. A small ministry without a lot of power will be on a bike, motorbike or very small car. Who is driving the car is important because that tells you whose ministry God is speaking of and what your place is in this ministry.

Dreaming about yourself flying is about being in the spirit realm. I think a lot of people are dreaming about flying right now and this is for a very important reason. God is wanting us to come up higher with HIM. This is a crucial time in history! Time for the "church" to arise and to come up with HIM. God is really not raising up more Christian Celebrities right now, HE is raising up the "church"! It's time for us all to take our place in the Kingdom!

When you go to bed tonight ask the Lord to take control of your "sleep patterns". My son taught me this. He said my granddaughter was walking in her sleep and the doctor said it was due to different sleep patterns in her than in others. He began to pray over her sleep patterns and she quit walking. Give God control of your sleep.

This is something I needed to do in Africa. I had hit a wall on the last night and we were getting on a night plane to head back to Paris. I thought I couldn't take anymore of the heat and decided it would be a good idea to take an "African Sleeping pill" and just knock myself out so I don't have to feel my sticky body anymore. Well, I did and then I guess I was talking and walking in my sleep on the plane (at least that is what my team told me). When we are troubled sometimes it just shows up in our sleep.

Good night, happy dreams! Beverly

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  1. You were sleep walking on a plane? I bet that was interesting looking esp. talking to yourself at the same time.