Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dreams are elusive and puzzling. We are so prone to putting our life in a neat little package and keeping it closed tight so that others can't see that inside we might be hurting, crying or things might be not so right for us! But dreams! You can't control them, you can't choose them, you're completely out of the way and what a wonderful idea God had when He created them for us. "Wonderful"? Hows that Beverly? Well, He really wants to speak to us but we will only allow so much and then we He made a way to bypass our doctrines, traditions, boxes that we keep tightly closed.

The other day, my friend Jayne posted a dream: "Okay, Let me share my latest dream, block glass windows that had opened as if it had hinges on one side, kept swinging open until I looked though the opening . When I did look I saw a couple sitting on the hill crying, and then there was a garage open and two cars were there then vanished. I approached the couple and they became my neighbors that were all alone and in distress. ....I woke up and have not been able to get that dream out of my head since. My neighbors that I saw have 5 kids under the age of 7, and a huge family."

What on earth is this? It has a life of it's own. Not at all concerned about Jayne's doctrine or her fears. Just out there waiting for Jayne to discover the message! Proverbs 25:2 "It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to seek it out."

Here is what I see in this dream Jayne. Block glass is not a window that you can see clearly out of. You might see shadows but cannot really make out what you're looking at. Isn't that the way it is in the spirit realm. In ICor 13 it tells us we see through a glass darkly but then we will see clearly, face to face. Well, God is opening the way for you to see some things you have not seen before. He is showing you some things that I would venture to say you have been praying for. He is wanting to show you those who are hurting all around you. The garage opening to reveal two cars is showing you ministries and what is about to happen to some ministries that you have seen that have not really met the needs of those who are hurting, they vanish. People are in distress and hurting, they are crying out but can the "church" hear the cries? I think you might have even asked the Lord that question. The neighbors you saw are the very people all around you that are crying out on the inside and needing answers. It is interesting that in real life they have 5 children under the age of 7. Five is the number of grace and seven is something that is completed. God has poured out His grace right now to minister to those who are hurting and something is about to be completed in your life.

Great dream Jayne! God really loves you and is calling you into something much bigger than yourself. He is going to use your life to bring hope and healing to those who are hopeless.

Hey, someone posted a comment in the July 10 blog about de ja vue. You can see my answer there. This walk is getting pretty exciting, wouldn't miss it for all the world! Blessings, Beverly

Monday, July 12, 2010


I woke up this morning and I could barely remember my dream, but I knew that it was about CHANGE. It is hard for us to embrace Change as we don't really know what the Change is or how to execute the old to move in the new. No problem! When the Lord speaks about Change, He does know what it takes and how to get us into that new place. He opens the door and really all we have to do is to move through the door. BUT, I can hear you all saying "what door?". I have really come to understand through my 40 years of being with Him that he leads us and guides us in ways that we don't always recognize. It has always been His plan to lead us and guide us into new places that we never knew existed or if we saw them we thought it was for the elite. Guess what we are the elite. Let's all say "YES" to what the Lord is wanting to bring about in us. It is uncomfortable to move into new places through that door that He makes for us, but let's endure the discomfort and let Him reposition us. He can do it.
When the Lord speaks of Change. I have found it very helpful to say "Lord I don't know how to change, but you know how to bring it about, so I am saying Yes to you and trusting You to lead me in the Change." Then sit down, buckle your seatbelt and allow it to happen.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Did you dream last night?

A friend sent me a dream yesterday and it was amazing to see how God spoke to her about some turmoil inside her very being. She had just had a conversation the day before with someone about the questions and turmoil inside concerning faith. God loves so much that He will speak to us in the night concerning our fears and questions that we cannot hear during our waking hours.

You see, my friend was being told something different on every hand, something different by everyone she talked to. Well, when God steps in He brings order, answers and His great Love!

Dreams are His mercy and care for us!

God wants to communicate with, and through, His people

1. This principle is implied in Paul’s exhortation, “For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged.”

2. Revelation from God draws us into the awareness that He is intimately aware of our circumstances and actively involved in our lives.

Dreams are very symbolic

1. “Your young men shall see visions; your old men shall dream dreams”
Acts 2:17
To understand dreams you need maturity

Remember the general principle: Dreams are symbolic while visions are more literal in nature.

Consider the highly evocative language Job uses to describe his response and understanding of the dreams and visions he believes are from God.

Job 7:14-15 “Then You scare me with dreams and terrify me with visions, so that my soul chooses strangling and death rather than my body.”

1. You scare me= You break me down and confuse me.

2. Dreams = To speak symbolically

3. Terrify me= To be overcome with wonder

4. Visions= To contemplate or look at another dimension

Dreams are transcendent
Dreams transcend the dimensions of:
1. Height
2. Depth
3. Breadth
4. Time
For example: your dream isn't in the same confines of your real life. You can be taking a shower (now there's another subject) in one scene and without ever getting out of the shower or getting dressed you can find yourself at the mall fully dressed and not know how you got there. You can be an adult in your bedroom that you had as a child, or a child in the adult house where you lived 10 years ago or in a house you've never seen but know that it is your house. Dreams transcend all dimensions!

See you in your dreams! Beverly

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turning left

Just finished interpreting a dream for someone who was turning left twice. Of course there are NO formulas in dream interpretation, but most of the time left in a dream speaks of the Plans and Purposs of the Lord. She turned left twice thinking that she might get back to where she started but she didn't, it led to other streets. When we go with God, we are led down paths that we wouldn't had known was there. How great is that? Of course some of them we certainly wouldn't have chosen for ourselves....but it is a GREAT Adventure and causes us to grow and learn how faithful the Lord is to us all the time...and He is always there leading and guiding us into our destiny if we say YES to Him. So, I say "let's go with God and live out our destiny"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pondering your dream

Oh how I love dreams! The Lord uses dreams to show us in what areas of our life we are struggling in and most of the time we know something is a little off and then when we have a dream...there it is! When the dream interpretation comes to us either the Lord gives it to us, or we have someone interprete it should be like a light goes on in a dark room and we can SEE what the Lord is saying. The Lord desires that we have understanding of what is going on in our lives so that we can make wise choices. He does not desire that we be stressed and confused, but rather that we are at peace and able to trust Him. The message in a dream can seem like a twisted picture and how do we get to the heart of it? Sometimes I have to go through a dream and circle words, look up words in a dictionary, or I may just read it a few times and then go on with my day pondering it. I do like it when it just POPS up for me like a 3D picture, but it doesn't always happen that way. That is when I have to just start picking on it, pondering it, chewing on it until the Lord speaks a word which will be the central message. When that happens then I can take another look at it and I can follow that thread that flows from the start to the finish of the dream. Then it becomes alive and always ends up reflecting God's great love for us as He does want us to become aware of what is going on in us and around us.
Helen Hawks

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Could My Dream Mean????

I have people ask me all the time about their dreams. Most of the time people just want to know what something in the dream means. They say things like, "What do spiders mean in a dream?" I wish there was a pat answer for everything but there just isn't!

We want to approach dreams like we approach "church"! Just give me the formula and I can do the rest! It just doesn't work, not for dreams and really not for church. I think we have so many programs in church so we can do it without really knowing where the Holy Spirit is. We can just keep going because we have the "formula".

When you dream you really have to know:

1. Who God is and that He really does speak to you and that He really wants to speak to you. So the first thing you ask, "Father, what are you saying to me in this dream?"

2. You have see the dream in the context of the dream. Helen would tell you that dreams have a life of their own. Really, they do! Your dream will actually interpret itself if you will take it ALL into context.

3. You have to understand that God speaks in symbolic language in dreams. For instance, if you dream about spiders does it mean that you are going to be bitten by spiders and you need to be careful to watch for spiders? NOT, NO, NADA! There is a 99% chance that your dream about spiders is symbolic of something God wants to talk to you about.

You see, spiders can be speaking of sin, deception, false doctrine or temptation. It can also mean danger, something that is deadly or slander. But only when understood within the context of the dream can you understand the message God is speaking.

Recently, a friend of mine sent me an email to tell me she and her husband were having many dreams about spiders. They were both perplexed about why they would be having dreams about spiders. In her dreams the spiders were white! When she told her dream and especially when she got to the part about the spiders being white, I saw it! White is the color of purity but mixed with spiders (deception) it could only be disguising itself as pure. It turned out that God was telling this friend and her husband to break off some soul ties to the past doctrines they had been taught in a certain church that was in deception. How simple! God is not mystical, but supernaturally natural! He loves to speak to His children and set us FREE! Actually, I think His whole goal in my life is to set me free! See you soon! Beverly

Friday, July 2, 2010

God's Night Parables II

In God's Night Parables, otherwise known as dreams, He will speak to us bypassing all our conscious reasoning. He loves to speak to us in our dreams, for one reason, we are not available to argue the point of it being from God or not!

I have interpreted so many dreams that people have thought was just the pizza they ate last night. When they hear the interpretation they are blown away at how it so pertains to what they are going through even at that very moment.

Why does God speak in these incredible "night parables"? Well that answer lies within our own fears, reservations and doctrines!

Dreams bypass the resistance of our soul (mind, will and emotions)

Why do we resist the Lord when He wants so badly to speak to us?
1. What He is wanting to speak to us about is too difficult for us to believe. We have strongholds, otherwise known as "mindsets". Anything that we believe to be the truth that isn't the truth is a stronghold. We have those things that tell us we absolutely know the truth and when that happens God has to bypass our conscious mind and move into our dreams because He is so committed for us to actually hear HIM.

2. Many times what He wants to speak to us is different than our opinion or doctrine, as in Peter's dream in Acts 10:9 - 22. God spoke to him about his doctrine but he had to put Peter in a trance to do it.

3. God gives us dreams many times because there is a warning or a revealing of an outcome to something that we thought was one way but God reveals it is actually another way. For example, He will show us the outcome of a situation that we thought would end up much different.

The bottom line: He is a GOOD God and reveals truths to His children...remember, Pro 25:2 It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to seek it out!

Seek the answers today from the God of the Universe! He is delighted to see us searching.

Tell your friends about out blog and we hope to see you here often! From a Seeker of Truth, Beverly

Thursday, July 1, 2010

God's Night Parables!

Job 33:14-15 "For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceived it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their bed."

It's amazing that we spend one third of our life sleeping! By the time we are 60 years old, we have spent 20 years of our life in dreamland.

What a great time for God to speak! We are not struggling to get our own thoughts out of our way, we're not fighting off with out own traditional way of thinking or our own doctrines. We are completely out of God's way and He can speak to us.

But does God speak to us in dreams? There are approximately 200 scripture references to dreams or visions in the Bible. Actually, one-third of the Scripture directly or indirectly relates to a dram or vision.

The first recorded dream is in Genesis 15: 12-17. God is speaking to Abraham concerning his people forthcoming 400 year captivity.

Then God speaks to Jacob in Genesis 31 about how he could acquire Laban's wealth.

Joseph was shown of his eventual rule over his brothers. Genesis 37.

So many more times in the Bible God speaks through dreams. In this blog we want to discuss dreams and what their meanings are, what the Bible teaches us about dreams and how to interpret dreams in a Biblical way. Come back often to see what three women who call themselves servants of Christ believe about dreams.

Life is an adventure and when we understand His way of speaking it turns into HIGH ADVENTURE!