Monday, July 12, 2010


I woke up this morning and I could barely remember my dream, but I knew that it was about CHANGE. It is hard for us to embrace Change as we don't really know what the Change is or how to execute the old to move in the new. No problem! When the Lord speaks about Change, He does know what it takes and how to get us into that new place. He opens the door and really all we have to do is to move through the door. BUT, I can hear you all saying "what door?". I have really come to understand through my 40 years of being with Him that he leads us and guides us in ways that we don't always recognize. It has always been His plan to lead us and guide us into new places that we never knew existed or if we saw them we thought it was for the elite. Guess what we are the elite. Let's all say "YES" to what the Lord is wanting to bring about in us. It is uncomfortable to move into new places through that door that He makes for us, but let's endure the discomfort and let Him reposition us. He can do it.
When the Lord speaks of Change. I have found it very helpful to say "Lord I don't know how to change, but you know how to bring it about, so I am saying Yes to you and trusting You to lead me in the Change." Then sit down, buckle your seatbelt and allow it to happen.

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