Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turning left

Just finished interpreting a dream for someone who was turning left twice. Of course there are NO formulas in dream interpretation, but most of the time left in a dream speaks of the Plans and Purposs of the Lord. She turned left twice thinking that she might get back to where she started but she didn't, it led to other streets. When we go with God, we are led down paths that we wouldn't had known was there. How great is that? Of course some of them we certainly wouldn't have chosen for ourselves....but it is a GREAT Adventure and causes us to grow and learn how faithful the Lord is to us all the time...and He is always there leading and guiding us into our destiny if we say YES to Him. So, I say "let's go with God and live out our destiny"

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  1. I hope the Lord helps you to interpret this dream.

    I was in reverse backing out of the car park at church with my friend in the passenger seat, and I'm not alarmed because that's what I would normally do. The pastor's wife and a missionary moved out of the way and the way was cleared for us to exit; however, when it was time to put the car into drive, I realized that the car brakes were not working so I couldn't stop the car to put it into drive. I'm saying to myself that this is not the old car I'm driving so why am I having this problem. (The brakes on my old car was loose.) I'm calm throughout the whole thing and so is person next to me. He just seems relaxed throughout the whole dream, just sitting there in the passenger seat. After realizing the brakes are not working, I'm shifting the gear into drive, park, or reverse, to see what would happen to the car or if it would stop but the result is the same, we were still going into reverse and the brakes still did not work so I continued to cruise smoothly at a safe speed down the block in reverse and I'm not looking behind me. We don't panic and there are no obstacles or oncoming traffic, if anything is in our way it just happens to move out of the way so we could continue going in reverse without any collision. We're in reverse for awhile on a smooth straight road and then made a right turn in reverse onto another straight road. I desired to go into drive but I couldn't; however, I'm calm. I eventually was able to turn the car around and put it in drive but without braking. I knew that the car was going to continue in drive because the brakes were not working so I just planned to keep on driving. While driving/cruising at a safe speed, I began to look for a road on my left side to turn on. The first road I saw on my left was a one-way in the opposite direction so I couldn't turn on that road and I kept driving until I saw a road that was for two way traffic. It was narrow but it was ok to turn on as one car passed by and after I turned on the road I woke up out of the dream.