Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pondering your dream

Oh how I love dreams! The Lord uses dreams to show us in what areas of our life we are struggling in and most of the time we know something is a little off and then when we have a dream...there it is! When the dream interpretation comes to us either the Lord gives it to us, or we have someone interprete it should be like a light goes on in a dark room and we can SEE what the Lord is saying. The Lord desires that we have understanding of what is going on in our lives so that we can make wise choices. He does not desire that we be stressed and confused, but rather that we are at peace and able to trust Him. The message in a dream can seem like a twisted picture and how do we get to the heart of it? Sometimes I have to go through a dream and circle words, look up words in a dictionary, or I may just read it a few times and then go on with my day pondering it. I do like it when it just POPS up for me like a 3D picture, but it doesn't always happen that way. That is when I have to just start picking on it, pondering it, chewing on it until the Lord speaks a word which will be the central message. When that happens then I can take another look at it and I can follow that thread that flows from the start to the finish of the dream. Then it becomes alive and always ends up reflecting God's great love for us as He does want us to become aware of what is going on in us and around us.
Helen Hawks

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