Friday, July 2, 2010

God's Night Parables II

In God's Night Parables, otherwise known as dreams, He will speak to us bypassing all our conscious reasoning. He loves to speak to us in our dreams, for one reason, we are not available to argue the point of it being from God or not!

I have interpreted so many dreams that people have thought was just the pizza they ate last night. When they hear the interpretation they are blown away at how it so pertains to what they are going through even at that very moment.

Why does God speak in these incredible "night parables"? Well that answer lies within our own fears, reservations and doctrines!

Dreams bypass the resistance of our soul (mind, will and emotions)

Why do we resist the Lord when He wants so badly to speak to us?
1. What He is wanting to speak to us about is too difficult for us to believe. We have strongholds, otherwise known as "mindsets". Anything that we believe to be the truth that isn't the truth is a stronghold. We have those things that tell us we absolutely know the truth and when that happens God has to bypass our conscious mind and move into our dreams because He is so committed for us to actually hear HIM.

2. Many times what He wants to speak to us is different than our opinion or doctrine, as in Peter's dream in Acts 10:9 - 22. God spoke to him about his doctrine but he had to put Peter in a trance to do it.

3. God gives us dreams many times because there is a warning or a revealing of an outcome to something that we thought was one way but God reveals it is actually another way. For example, He will show us the outcome of a situation that we thought would end up much different.

The bottom line: He is a GOOD God and reveals truths to His children...remember, Pro 25:2 It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to seek it out!

Seek the answers today from the God of the Universe! He is delighted to see us searching.

Tell your friends about out blog and we hope to see you here often! From a Seeker of Truth, Beverly


  1. Very encouraging Beverly, I will save these and reread them . . .

  2. Okay, Let me share my latest dream, block glass windows that had opened as if it had hinges on one side, kept swinging open until I looked though the opening . When I did look I saw a couple sitting on the hill crying, and then there was a garage open and two cars were there then vanished. I approached the couple and they became my neighbors that were all alone and in distress. ....I woke up and have not been able to get that dream out of my head since. My neighbors that I saw have 5 kids under the age of 7, and a huge family.