Friday, July 9, 2010

Did you dream last night?

A friend sent me a dream yesterday and it was amazing to see how God spoke to her about some turmoil inside her very being. She had just had a conversation the day before with someone about the questions and turmoil inside concerning faith. God loves so much that He will speak to us in the night concerning our fears and questions that we cannot hear during our waking hours.

You see, my friend was being told something different on every hand, something different by everyone she talked to. Well, when God steps in He brings order, answers and His great Love!

Dreams are His mercy and care for us!

God wants to communicate with, and through, His people

1. This principle is implied in Paul’s exhortation, “For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged.”

2. Revelation from God draws us into the awareness that He is intimately aware of our circumstances and actively involved in our lives.

Dreams are very symbolic

1. “Your young men shall see visions; your old men shall dream dreams”
Acts 2:17
To understand dreams you need maturity

Remember the general principle: Dreams are symbolic while visions are more literal in nature.

Consider the highly evocative language Job uses to describe his response and understanding of the dreams and visions he believes are from God.

Job 7:14-15 “Then You scare me with dreams and terrify me with visions, so that my soul chooses strangling and death rather than my body.”

1. You scare me= You break me down and confuse me.

2. Dreams = To speak symbolically

3. Terrify me= To be overcome with wonder

4. Visions= To contemplate or look at another dimension

Dreams are transcendent
Dreams transcend the dimensions of:
1. Height
2. Depth
3. Breadth
4. Time
For example: your dream isn't in the same confines of your real life. You can be taking a shower (now there's another subject) in one scene and without ever getting out of the shower or getting dressed you can find yourself at the mall fully dressed and not know how you got there. You can be an adult in your bedroom that you had as a child, or a child in the adult house where you lived 10 years ago or in a house you've never seen but know that it is your house. Dreams transcend all dimensions!

See you in your dreams! Beverly


  1. Here lately I know when I wake up that I have been praying for people. Even when I wake up before I get up the person will be on my mind. Yesterday before I woke up I was thinking about a person and as I woke up I heard myself say-Send the fire, come like rain, come like wind, come like fire. At the moment I cannot think who it was. Today through out the afternoon I was thinking about Peggy's sister, and as I did I had the thought "what are you doing about the circle Pontiac thing" I had no fear or dread concerning her as I was praying. Peggy called her and her sister said she would be on the look out for something like that.

  2. what do you think about de ja vue? Do you think it is demonic or coming from the soulish flesh?

  3. As far as de ja vue, I think we should not put anything in a box. I know that in the Christian circle we are told that it is demonic but why? I think that sometimes we are remembering something that we may have prayed about sometime ago and it may seem real to us because when we pray we actually go into the spiritual realm (we're supposed to anyway) and go to the place where we are calling those things that don't exist as though they do, then I think when we see them exist it can seem like we have done that before. I believe that when Jacob saw the angels assending and desending he saw that realm where we go in the spirit and take our prayer and then bring the answer back down. I think we have put too many things in a box and it has prevented us from really seeing from the spirit realm. Do I think de ja vue can be demonic???? Absolutely! Do I think it can be something remembered from being in that place in the spirit??? Absolutely! That's why we are told to judge all things and to know our GOD! Love you, Bev

  4. I had a dream yesterday that had a persons name and face in it so I will only use 1st name.
    Suzanne and I were talking and she had two of those Paradise Bakery muffins. She was almost finished with a double chocolate one and she also had a bananna nut one there. She said oh well, I guess you can have this one and handed me the banana nut muffin.As I was reaching for it she said I wish I had not given that to you I really wanted it, can I at least taste it? Sure, and she took a big bite out of the top of it. I looked at that and said oh.. go ahead and have it I do not want it now. She took it and started to finish it. She opened up the back of her van quickly and closed it but not before I saw that in the back she had a lot of cakes, and pasteries in it all on shelves.

  5. Going Deeper, Sorry for not seeing this sooner. Your dream is about God calling you to participate in the more refined or "funner" things in life. You feel deep responsibility and always want to do the "right" thing. God is calling you to another level in the Spirit realm. Sometimes I sense you even feel like you are just watching, not really participating in life. As you are not taking those things that belong to you but rather giving in at times when you should be participating (eating the muffin given to you) others come along and take what really belongs to you. You feel frustrated, but don't want to be "pushy". But when you look inside the persons "ministry", or place of belonging, they are loaded with the same stuff that they took from you. It's kinda like when David had a lot of wives and he could have also had any virgin in the kingdom he chose but he chose another man's wife when the other man only had one wife. God is calling you to take what belongs to you and have fun doing it!

  6. Awesome! Thank you Beverly!TAKE BACK GROUND!
    yes, sometimes I feel like I am watching.I do want another level in the Spirit realm.