Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Could My Dream Mean????

I have people ask me all the time about their dreams. Most of the time people just want to know what something in the dream means. They say things like, "What do spiders mean in a dream?" I wish there was a pat answer for everything but there just isn't!

We want to approach dreams like we approach "church"! Just give me the formula and I can do the rest! It just doesn't work, not for dreams and really not for church. I think we have so many programs in church so we can do it without really knowing where the Holy Spirit is. We can just keep going because we have the "formula".

When you dream you really have to know:

1. Who God is and that He really does speak to you and that He really wants to speak to you. So the first thing you ask, "Father, what are you saying to me in this dream?"

2. You have see the dream in the context of the dream. Helen would tell you that dreams have a life of their own. Really, they do! Your dream will actually interpret itself if you will take it ALL into context.

3. You have to understand that God speaks in symbolic language in dreams. For instance, if you dream about spiders does it mean that you are going to be bitten by spiders and you need to be careful to watch for spiders? NOT, NO, NADA! There is a 99% chance that your dream about spiders is symbolic of something God wants to talk to you about.

You see, spiders can be speaking of sin, deception, false doctrine or temptation. It can also mean danger, something that is deadly or slander. But only when understood within the context of the dream can you understand the message God is speaking.

Recently, a friend of mine sent me an email to tell me she and her husband were having many dreams about spiders. They were both perplexed about why they would be having dreams about spiders. In her dreams the spiders were white! When she told her dream and especially when she got to the part about the spiders being white, I saw it! White is the color of purity but mixed with spiders (deception) it could only be disguising itself as pure. It turned out that God was telling this friend and her husband to break off some soul ties to the past doctrines they had been taught in a certain church that was in deception. How simple! God is not mystical, but supernaturally natural! He loves to speak to His children and set us FREE! Actually, I think His whole goal in my life is to set me free! See you soon! Beverly

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  1. Oh, Beverly I beleive through this wonderful Blog I may understand more about how to listen, I have been having a repeating dream lately, and hopefully I will figure it out what God wants me to know.Still perplexed but wanting to hear God.Trying not to make it complicated! And in total Awwww!