Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dreams are elusive and puzzling. We are so prone to putting our life in a neat little package and keeping it closed tight so that others can't see that inside we might be hurting, crying or things might be not so right for us! But dreams! You can't control them, you can't choose them, you're completely out of the way and what a wonderful idea God had when He created them for us. "Wonderful"? Hows that Beverly? Well, He really wants to speak to us but we will only allow so much and then we He made a way to bypass our doctrines, traditions, boxes that we keep tightly closed.

The other day, my friend Jayne posted a dream: "Okay, Let me share my latest dream, block glass windows that had opened as if it had hinges on one side, kept swinging open until I looked though the opening . When I did look I saw a couple sitting on the hill crying, and then there was a garage open and two cars were there then vanished. I approached the couple and they became my neighbors that were all alone and in distress. ....I woke up and have not been able to get that dream out of my head since. My neighbors that I saw have 5 kids under the age of 7, and a huge family."

What on earth is this? It has a life of it's own. Not at all concerned about Jayne's doctrine or her fears. Just out there waiting for Jayne to discover the message! Proverbs 25:2 "It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to seek it out."

Here is what I see in this dream Jayne. Block glass is not a window that you can see clearly out of. You might see shadows but cannot really make out what you're looking at. Isn't that the way it is in the spirit realm. In ICor 13 it tells us we see through a glass darkly but then we will see clearly, face to face. Well, God is opening the way for you to see some things you have not seen before. He is showing you some things that I would venture to say you have been praying for. He is wanting to show you those who are hurting all around you. The garage opening to reveal two cars is showing you ministries and what is about to happen to some ministries that you have seen that have not really met the needs of those who are hurting, they vanish. People are in distress and hurting, they are crying out but can the "church" hear the cries? I think you might have even asked the Lord that question. The neighbors you saw are the very people all around you that are crying out on the inside and needing answers. It is interesting that in real life they have 5 children under the age of 7. Five is the number of grace and seven is something that is completed. God has poured out His grace right now to minister to those who are hurting and something is about to be completed in your life.

Great dream Jayne! God really loves you and is calling you into something much bigger than yourself. He is going to use your life to bring hope and healing to those who are hopeless.

Hey, someone posted a comment in the July 10 blog about de ja vue. You can see my answer there. This walk is getting pretty exciting, wouldn't miss it for all the world! Blessings, Beverly

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