Friday, October 29, 2010

Short dreams

A dream doesn’t have to be a long one to be good. So, don’t dismiss a dream because it doesn’t seem to be long enough compared to others that you have had. Someone sent me this dream

“she heard the sound of a loud and fast train, looked at her phone and it was 6:13. She heard the spirit of the Lord say there’s significance to that it’s a verse”

Now we already know that the Lord gives us dreams that causes us to think “What?” So it stuck in her with a question mark. The natural conclusion would be that it was a verse in the bible that was chapter 6 and verse 13, and maybe in another dream that might be so but in this dream it wasn’t the case. A verse is a piece of something that tells a story, so let’s look at the pieces. The train was loud and fast, it got her attention and she wanted to remember when she heard it, so she looked at her phone and then she heard again the sound of the voice.
When we hear the voice of the Lord speaking, it usually gets our attention enough that we begin to move on what he has spoken about, or at least we begin to ponder it.
The number 6, the number of man as man was created on the 6th day and given dominon over everything. 13 can be a number for rebellion or a double portion.

What is the Story? When God created us He put his breath in us that gave us life, He spoke His plans to us and gave us dominion over all that He created for us and told us to "take care of it". We can choose what we do with those plans. He wants to lead and guide us through life and cause us to succeed. We can follow his leading and guiding, or we can become prideful and rebellious and move in areas that He has warned us about, it is our choice. He gives the invitation to stay connected with him the rest of our days and the way to stay connected, the phone. A phone you can dial and call, pray and ask questions and it is a two way connection, He speaks back. You can read a text, His written word that He has left for us, and you can look up the history of where you have been. What are you looking at and exploring? Again, it is our choice.

Keep on dreaming